Kao Soi

Kao soi is a smooth spicy noodle curry soup. Prepared with fine ingredient, you will enjoy Kao Soi Baan Chao Na at The Farmhouse Restaurant fresh yellow egg noodles, coconut milk straight from the shell and Baan Chao Na authentic chili paste, freshly ground to a special family recipe.

Local Thai Coffee

Traditional Coffee Thai style – Freshly ground local beans filtered steaming Hot to make a layer over standing condensed milk, then rapidly stirred to mix.

Fresh Coffee

Made with freshly picked Arabica coffee bean grow here in the hills of northern Thailand. Taste the inimitable flavor of truly fresh coffee, roasted and ground locally.

Phad Thai

Quick – fried noodles with shrimps, famously with prawns or more economically with chicken or pork. Cooked on street corners virtually everywhere. This version is extra-special-you won’t be disappoint